It’s November 15th – How’s your writing coming along for NaNoWriMo?

Well, we’ve hit the middle of November. If you’re like me, you’re tired – the good kind of tired when you’re accomplishing your goals. You feel good even if some days are tough; you look at how far you’ve come and smile…

If you aren’t where you want to be at this point, no worries. Take a deep breath, think about what you want to achieve and where your story is going. Not sure? Try playing “what if”, introduce a new character, watch the news for an interesting story, talk to one of your writing buddies or take a little time to do something else – catch a movie, have lunch with a friend. Then come back with your creative well refilled and work. You can make the goal with half the month remaining – believe in yourself!

As promised, my mid-month update.As of tonight, I have written a little over 35K words. Whew! makes me tired just looking at it. I’ve had a couple of tough days but powered through. I’ve also had some great days where I was in the groove and the words just seemed to endlessly flow. Well, I have a little under 15K to go and I’m shooting to finish this draft on 11/22. Then I’ll leave it, start on book 2 and see how far I get with the remaining 9 days in the month.

So stay tuned and I’ll follow-up at the end of the month with my final word count.

Wish me luck!


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