Grimm’s Fairy Tales meet Van Helsing…and rewarding yourself

untitledI went to see Hansel & Gretel today and enjoyed it. It was fun and I got a laugh that Hansel has to give himself insulin shots because he ate too much of the witch’s candy house growing up!  I must admit Jeremy Renner was a big draw for me – loved him in the Hurt Locker.

I give it a ‘B’. It’s an entertaining afternoon but not on my favorite list.

What do you think of Hollywood reinventing all these movies? Like or Not?

Since I finished the first 1/3 of the revisions on my book, I treated myself to a movie. Helps keep me motivated. I also will use rewards such as a pedicure or massage.  All part of my be good to yourself resolution for 2013.MV5BMjA4MDQwODg2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTc5ODc2OA@@._V1._SY317_


I have a bunch on my ‘want to see’ list:


Broken City


Side Effects

A Good Day to Die Hard – gotta love Bruce Willis

Beautiful Creatures

Safe Haven

and that only takes me through February. Now I will say – a couple of these might be RedBox…


What’s on your list to see?

Happy Monday!




Feeling Retro? Or just want to know what a typewriter is?

For all of you who remember typewriters, take a look at this – a USB typewriter. Someone on Etsy has retrofitted a typewriter to work with your iPad, tablet, computer, etc. How fun!



What “retro” items do you use? Fun colored pencils, markers, glitter notebooks? Let us know what you like.


iPotty – every bathroom reader’s dream

I’m not sure what to think about this…


The iPotty is billed as a way to help potty train your child – or cat for those of you so inclined. I can’t help but wonder…was the inventor someone who loved to take a newspaper or book into the bathroom with them?

I’ve never been a bathroom reader but I know many folks who are…and I think some of them are wondering if this comes in adult size. After all with physical newspapers and books becoming a thing of the past, it was only a matter of time before the iPad made its debut into this private room.

My friends with children tell me it’s the only place they can get any peace and quiet – I’m thinking put a lock on that walk in closet door, set up a desk or recliner in there and go.



Have you had Cupcake? Not the iced cake…

cupcakeIf you’re a wine snob, read no further…for the rest of you, read on. I like wine but I don’t care where it was made, etc. All I care is do I like it or not. This past year I discovered Cupcake Wine and let me tell you – YUM!

I tell my nieces this is auntie’s grown up kool-aid and they can’t have any. My favorite is the Pinot Grigio but several of them are fabulous. So if you’re looking for a new wine that won’t break the bank, give Cupcake a try.

If however, you do care about where it’s made the tasting notes, etc. This is straight from the Cupcake Website:

Appellation: D.O.C. Trentino, Italy

Tasting Notes: “Our Pinot Grigio is full with a nose that shows hints of pineapple, pears and sweet lemons. The body is full and gives way to a creamy mid-palate, integrating tropical fruits with the vibrant zing of citrus fruits. It is reminiscent of a pineapple upside down cupcake.”

Food Pairing Recommendations: Enjoy with bay scallops in a cream sauce, linguine alfredo or simply as an aperitif.

Winemaking Notes: The grapes were picked by hand, de-stemmed and crushed before undergoing a cool fermentation in steel tanks. The wine underwent an extended maceration on its lees. A portion of this wine (approximately 5%) was made using the traditional passito method, whereby the grapes were harvested and left to dry on straw mats for several weeks. Once dehydrated they were gently pressed and fermented. This wine was then blended back into the overall wine, giving this Pinot Grigio a level of depth and complexity.