Feeling Retro? Or just want to know what a typewriter is?

For all of you who remember typewriters, take a look at this – a USB typewriter. Someone on Etsy has retrofitted a typewriter to work with your iPad, tablet, computer, etc. How fun!




What “retro” items do you use? Fun colored pencils, markers, glitter notebooks? Let us know what you like.



iPotty – every bathroom reader’s dream

I’m not sure what to think about this…



The iPotty is billed as a way to help potty train your child – or cat for those of you so inclined. I can’t help but wonder…was the inventor someone who loved to take a newspaper or book into the bathroom with them?

I’ve never been a bathroom reader but I know many folks who are…and I think some of them are wondering if this comes in adult size. After all with physical newspapers and books becoming a thing of the past, it was only a matter of time before the iPad made its debut into this private room.

My friends with children tell me it’s the only place they can get any peace and quiet – I’m thinking put a lock on that walk in closet door, set up a desk or recliner in there and go.



An iPad, a Kindle and an iPhone all walk into…

Nope, it’s not a corny joke though if it made you think of one, please share it!iphone

I’ve noticed something among friends and strangers lately…they are carrying multiple devices. Here’s what I hear most: I love my iPhone but not for reading, the screen  is too small. It works in a pinch but I’d rather read on my Kindle. Wait a minute – you have an iPad as well right? Yep, but I love reading on my Kindle and I use my iPad for email, surfing the web, other stuff I used to use my laptop for. The Surface may become a player – I know critics hate it but lots of folks I’ve talked to think it’s pretty nifty and are considering it as a laptop replacement and first tablet so we’ll see. Yesterday at The Streets of Southpoint mall, I took a gander. I liked it – I would replace my laptop with the Surface though let me say, I’d keep my iPhone, my Kindle and iPad – just call me the mule – carrying all my devices!kindle

Anyway, I love the iPhone and iPad and Kindle but also find I prefer reading on my Kindle. Side note – I ordered the new Paperwhite Kindle (sold my old one) and whoo-hoo Santa came early, got it yesterday. I found I will use my iPhone to read sometimes but my iPad – well I will read on it but outside in bright light, I prefer the Kindle. I’ve heard from a few guys who are carrying their iPhone, iPad, laptop and Kindles in what I sweetly call a “man bag”. Timbuk2 makes a fantastic messenger bag for that special man in your life! A few of them have said if Microsoft Office was on the iPad they’d get rid of the laptop altogether.bag

Do you find yourself carrying a larger purse to accommodate your devices? Psst…the Coach diaper bag is perfect. It’s like a tote and the padded changing pad works great to wrap around your tablet, laptop, Kindle, etc.coach

So – do you use one device for everything or do you use multiple devices? If so, which ones for what?

P.S. If you don’t have one, it’s not too late to put it on your holiday wish list!